Sunday, July 31, 2011

Last Day to Save.

     Oh I forgot to mention. Today is the last day to buy the clearance items at Lettering Delights. Just click the link on my right side bar to go there. The clearance items are only 5o cents. So take a look if your in the market for fonts, digital paper or graphics. These will be gone for good though. They also have some good bundle deals!

Two quick cards

     Well, I was down to the wire on two cards. It was a busy week and then I hadn't been feeling well, causing me not to get these two cards done earlier. So, here I was needing to get them done, before the mail carrier got here. Fortunately, I had a few tricks up my sleeve. I had picked up some note cards from Studio g in the Dollar Bin at Michaels', that had pre-cut windows. I'd also had on hand an assortment of embellishments that I've picked up over time, when there have been sales at Michaels' and JoAnn's. These are from JoAnn's Craft Essential 's line.  The front is embossed with Divine Swirls. The stamp, showing through the window of the anniversary card, is from Stampabilities. It was stamped with Big and Bossy and embossed with gold metallic embossing powder. Hint: Use a dryer sheet to wipe the area where you are going to emboss before you stamp to reduce the amount of powder that clings to unwanted areas. I wish I would remember this the ahead of time, every time ;- ) I colored it with both yellow gel and yellow glitter pens to make a champaign look and went over the glasses with Diamond Glaze.  Used my heat tool to speed drying.

     The inside sentiment is from Inkadinkadoo.

     The birthday card follows the same formula, only the stamps are from Hero Arts, made for Archiver. I embossed it with Swiss Dots.  Hint: I had to run it through twice and doing this would cause a section of the dots to de-boss, so I lined it up, to be the area where I would put my sentiment/embellishment. Always plan ahead - an interesting concept for me ;- ) OK, it was a happy accident the first time, but my pickiness, made me do this one a second time and I did it intentionally that time, so there!

It's really more red and maroon than pink.

     For quickie cards, I think they turned out pretty good. Kind of like the less expensive line of cards, but still with that homemade touch. We all have those times when we are out of time. The anniversary couple's daughter has a birthday this week and I need to make a unicorn card for her. So, they will get the full custom treatment then ;- ) As it turned out, it was good they were fast. I didn't just have to beat the mail carrier, but get to the post office before it closed, because I was out of stamps and traffic was horrendous because of a parade. Some days nothing is easy ;- )

     Thanks for stopping by, during your busy summer (if your north of the equator, like me.) Please leave a comment because the fuel me. Have a Blessed Sunday!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Site to check out.

     I don't have a card for today, but I ran across a site that searches for freebies and links you to the designer's blog. There are some very nice sites and creative people to be found from this site. The link is So check it out and if you find some freebies you like be sure to give the person you got them from some love in the comments. It is so wonderful, that these generous people share their creative mojo freely with us. Have a wonderful rest of the week.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

An Adventure Birthday Card

     Today's card is for a friend's husband. Don't I ever get to make cards for women? He bought kayaks this summer, so I thought I'd use that as a focal point for his card. I went through the Life's a Beach cart and found a photo card with waves on it (page 45). I decided to use the Gypsy to weld a sun, from the page before, to the upper left corner of the frame and give it more of a scenic look. I then cut it out on my Expression. The sun was 2 inches, so I also cut out a 2 inch sun in yellow from Core'dinations paper and enhanced it with yellow gel pen (the circle outline) and Copic markers (the nose and lips) and added it with pop dots. I added small black pearls for eyes. I backed the frame with a lighter blue paper to make a sky. I edged the waves with Puffy Appliqué Markers that puff up when you heat them. The heat and humidity made them a bit runny, but they still worked ok. I attached the kayak, which was from Jolee. The sentiment is from Hero Arts' Big Hugs and was stamped with Tsukineko Rocket Red Gold.

  Click to enlarge to see details.

     I cut the inside papers with a wavy blade, on my paper cutter and the sentiment was made digitally in Print Shop. The fonts are Aloe,  Carlisle and LDJ Jilligraphy ( the first two are free fonts and the last is from Lettering Delights - see link in my side bar.) The lifejacket came on the sticker sheet with the kayak and the balloon is from Jolee's All That Bling, available at my Walmart.

     What would I do differently? Well, the light blue background could be embossed, maybe with divine swirls? I'd have to try it, to see if I'd like it or not. Fairly simple, but I think it's a nice card all of the same. A friend of mine wondered, if guys really appreciated a hand-made card and all of the time that goes in to it. I think it might depend on the guy. Some, I'd put a lot more work into it, and they would.  I don't think he'd appreciate the time it would take me to do a lot of hand coloring though. 

This card came together pretty easily. I learned that if you have some tearing, while you are cutting with your Cricut, it might not be your blade. It might be time for a new mat. The places where my mat was less sticky, was where the waves were tearing, everything else cut fine. Using a new mat, caused it to cut perfectly, all with the same settings. 

     Thanks for coming by. Please leave me a few words in the comments, so that I know you were here and that I'm not writing to myself ;- ) Have a super week.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Star Baby and reception freebies, shown as promised!

     Let's start with the card, because I haven't posted one in awhile. Today's card is for my neighbor's newborn granddaughter. Her, (the baby), name is Stella, hence the theme of the card. I used the Imagine and Nursery Tales again, because I want to get as much use out of such a baby oriented cart, when I can, being the mother of a 20 year old son in college ;- ) All of the paper and images are from this cart, except for the shooting star, which is from Everyday Paper Dolls, accessories 2, shifted. It's the accessory for the astronaut. The paper for the star is from Core'dinations Couture line. I colored the star with a Copic marker and added detail with the Starlight Glitter pen. All the images were popped up with pop dots. The sentiment is from Clear Stamps Greetings and was embossed with gold metallic embossing powder. The rose is Prima.

     The papers on the inside are also from the Imagine Nursery Tales cart. The sentiment was done digitally, however the images were stamped. The star, under the word "star", was with Studio g pigment chalk ink and a stamp from Northwoods  and the ones on the bottom are with Mementos Angel Pink dye ink and an un-named stamp, that I got from a friend. The fonts are LD farfetched, (from Learning Delights)  Wizzard (free on the internet) and Storybook (also free on the internet - try Urban fonts). The blue paper was stamped with a stamp by The Stamping Bug and embossed with Kaleidoscope embossing powder. (The last names have been obscured in iPhoto to protect the innocent - ha, ha!)

     What would I have done differently? Well, there is the usual, stamp straighter, on the inside ;- ) Otherwise, I'm pretty happy with the way this one turned out. The Imagine, didn't do a very good job cutting the the stripped part on the front and I could have made it do that again. I had re-calibrated it just the other day, so I don't know what it problem was. Maybe the heat and humidity.

     With the Prima flower on the front, I used my Ultimate Crafter's Companion to make and envelobox for the card. That's an envelope that has some depth to it. It still isn't quite deep enough but it's better.

     Here are the gifts in the goodie bags that  50 people received at the Splitcoaststampers "Cupcakes and Cocktails" at CHA.

Susan and I both got the same color of Flower Soft, but we got different stamps from Taylored Expressions.

Our stamps were different from Unity Stamps.

These were the same for both of us.

This was also the same.

This was the same.

This was a special stamp from Splitcoast themselves ;- ) Who dusts?

     I thought these were wonderful, generous gifts. Thanks so much to the sponsors! The cupcakes were great too. There were door prizes, but we were not the lucky ones. Now I said I'd share our return home story. Since we left from the hotel, instead of the convention center, we entered the parking garage a different way. In the morning we'd taken the pedestrian walkway to the convention center which was on the floor where we parked our car - color green. We got to the elevators, level G color red, get on and there is no color green. I said let's go up 1 floor, because we weren't up very high. We go up and there isn't a green there either. We walk to the edge to look for the walkway and see it below us, huh? Fortunately, I said we should walk down, instead of taking the elevator. There is a floor in-between, where the elevator doesn't go. Then we start to look for our car - D1. we can find Ramp D and Ramp C but no just D. God must have been guiding me, because I get another idea to go up and around and Ramp D is part of the interleave that makes parking garages work, which I've never understood, but knew must be cool. Once on the road we had no more troubles. She and I do go and pick up my son from college with no trouble, handling all of the mess of the downtown Chicago expressways. Somedays you have it and somedays you don't ;- )

     Thanks for dropping by a spending some time with me. Please, take a moment more, if you have it and leave a comment, so I have something to read from you. I'd love to know that you were here. Have a blessed Sunday!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

CHA SuperShow in review ;- )

     Well, yesterday was the day my friend Susan accompanied me to the CHA SuperShow, as it exists now. Susan is not a paper crafter. She is a quilter, but she came because she is my friend and knew I wanted company and she is always up for that. We both basically knew were it was, but exact directions, escaped us, so from her driveway, I called my DH and got his input. Off we went and after exiting the tollway (let me explain here, that first you get off at the O'Hare airport exit, but from there you exit to a street before you actually reach the airport, that was why we didn't have actual directions, because this is a confusing exit), and finally getting to the street level we drove a bit and then realized, this isn't right. We tried to figure out our way back and after awhile, we were sure we didn't really know how to get to the convention center from where we were. We phoned my husband and interrupted his meeting (it was an informal one), he had the people there trying to figure out where we were going. I said, " I know the address of where we are going, it's where are we now, that's the problem." We eventually got there and since Susan and I are both practical, we had left plenty of time and weren't late at all.

     We procured our tickets to Splitcoaststampers cupcake reception. I will try to post photos of the wonderful gifts that were in the goodie bags we received there. They were so generous. Then we went to the Lion Yarn booth and they were showcasing a new loom, (think the modern version of the kind you used to make pot holders with long ago) by Martha Stewart that will be coming out soon. It has modular pieces and can be made to the size to make place mats down to about 2 inches on each size. That's the size I used to make this flower at the Make and Take.

     A bit later we did the Make and Take at the My Favorite Things booth. They were soooo generous and allowed us to keep the stamp set we used. The ribbon project was the first, of it's type project, that Susan ever made. She was happy that we weren't the first group, so she got to watch the people before us, but she did a wonderful job and was faster than me. Thankfully, she brought an extra pair of reading glasses, that were 1 times magnification, because the brads holding the pin backs on were so small, I couldn't see to open them ;- )

     Our next Make and Take was probably the one from Crafter's Companion. Susan was very impressed with their pearlized cardstock. (One of my planned purchases, though I wasn't getting it until later, so I wouldn't have to carry it.) We used the new boxer board to make this, as well as the Ultimate Crafter's Companion.

We stopped by Archiver's booth and made this.

     Flowersoft gave each person a different little tag or picture, that they could try out some Flowersoft on. We enjoyed talking to the people working at this booth for awhile. Here is mine. 

     One of our great discoveries was a company called RaisinBoat. They are about a year old and they have such wonderful images. Their booth was full of examples made with their stamps and we were told that they had sooo many more in the gallery on their site. Each image had a great variety of examples, all done very differently and all done without a design team. The very unique thing about this company is they don't only sell their stamps, but they also have a rental plan, that works like NetFlicks. What a great idea. You get such a variety of stamps and your cards will always look different.  You should check out how it works and see their interesting designs here. One of the lines I remember from one of their retro sets was something like "May all your clouds be hairspray." I just thought that was so original. The people we talked to at the company were extremely friendly as well. We also, found that they had a Make and Take as well. The stamp was a graphic one from a set called "Splash."

     Upon returning to Crafter's Companion to get my paper, I was happy to run into Sara. She is the beautiful brains behind The Ultimate Crafter's Companion, Rock-a-block, the Boxer, Envelobox Creator and The 5-1 Clevercut Rotary Paper Trimmer. If you've never been to their site, you should check them out too. Both the US and the UK site, because if you sign up on the UK site there are some great member digital freebies monthly. and

     Well, like I said I'll post info on the free goodies we got from the Splitcoaststampers reception next time and our trip home story. Yes, there was a story there too, ha ha. This was a long post, but I hope you found it informative. Oh, I forgot to mention, She was another creative and wonderful person we met who was doing demos. No, Susan's not going to jump into papercrafting. She likes it, understands why I do it, but knows there is only so much time in a day and has 3 unfinished quilts at home ;- ) Thanks for stopping by and please leave a comment if you have any time left ;- ) Have a blessed and playful weekend. 

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

It's a heat wave.

     Sorry, I should have had this posted on Monday, but it's been way too hot to touch a computer. I called friends, watered flowers and  read a book instead ;- ) I finally relented, late last night and put the air conditioning on, so we could sleep. The poor puppy was very thankful, being a Norwegian Elkhound and all.

     Todays card is for a little boy who is turning 2. I used the Imagine and Nursery Tails to make this one. I used the image from Nursery Tales in layers, changing the first layer from pink print to green print, since it was for a boy and popped up the layers. I added gel pen details and Diamond Glaze to add more interest. I also added a mat layer, using the rectangles (8 1/2:11 ratio) from the images resident on the machine and filled it with a pattern from the Nursery Tales cart. Sentiment is from Hero Arts.

  Click to enlarge

     The inside sentiment was created digitally using Print Shop. The font is SNF Jester Play from Scrap n Fonts. You can find them here if you are interested. The number 2 was cut 2x at 2 inches from the Birthday Bash cart. One time I filled it with yellow on the Imagine and one time with the pattern I used on the background mat. I stacked and popped them, inking the edges to cover the white.  I added the birds I had left from the front (I had cut and 2 sets of birds and clouds).

     What would I have done differently? I might have worked more on details on the front, but again it was  (and is) HOT and I was afraid I wouldn't do a very neat job. I felt that the image looked a bit flat, that's why I added the gel pen details, that I did and might have added more. I also needed it to dry, so that I could mail it the next morning. If it were for a girl, I definitely would have added more glittery bling ;- )

     Well, I hope if you are in this heat too, that you are enjoying refreshing drinks and staying cool. I plan on enjoying the air conditioning at the CHA SuperShow later in the week, since this heat wave is expected to last past the weekend. I know it won' be the same as in the past, but I hope to have some fun anyway. Maybe the movie theater too. Thanks for stopping by and please leave a comment, it will make me feel cooler ;- )

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Summer wedding

     If the days are longer, how come there isn't enough time to do all of the summer things I like to do? What about lazy, summer days? They seem to be busy, busy, busy and there always seems to be more that I wanted to get done. Today's card fought with me on design and papers and elements, but finally... I won, ha! I used digital stamps on the front and inside. That was my starting point. I've had the files for awhile, unfortunately the only thing it said was PINweddingcouple. I couldn't find it with a search and I don't know where I got them so, I'm afraid I can't properly give credit for these lovely images. I cut the image with nesties, inked it with Concord Distress ink, added clear glitter gel pen (flower centers and the word LOVE) and matted it with pearlized black Bazzill card stock. All the pattern papers are Basic Grey Wisteria. I took light lavender card stock and stamped it with flower stamps using Perfect Medium and brushed it with pearl Perfect Pearls, to give it some interest (I also added so Perfect Pearls to the oval with the Bride and Groom and gave the plain card stock a slightly pearlized finish - it doesn't really show in the photo). I stamped ribbon from Michaels with Fresh Snow ink from Paper Trey, the sentiment is from Clear Stamps and added flower brads from Recollections topped with black pearls.

Click photo to enlarge

     On the inside, is the second image and more papers from the Wisteria collection. I used Photo Shop to edit both images using replace color to make the image more purple (it was originally greyish-brown). I added the text here as well. I used a new font, for me, called Black Rose. This is the script font that the names are in. It is a bit fancy for the more modern look of the card, but I liked it and wanted to use it anyway ;- ) It is a free font and you can find it by doing an internet search. The other font is Brush Script MT which is a standard font.

Click photo to enlarge

     What would I do differently? I'm probably too close to this one now to answer that >.<  I am going to enjoy the wedding though ;- )

     Thanks so much for stopping by, using up some of your precious summer time. Please leave a comment before you run on to picnicking,  swimming, sailing, smelling the flowers and just enjoying the day with you kids. Your comments do mean a lot to me.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Promarker Giveaway with Enfys!

     Just wanted to let you know that Enfys is having a giveaway in honor of having done 1000 posts. She makes such beautiful cards and does such a lovely job of coloring. Here is a link to her contest and spend some time enjoying her beautiful work (if you've never discovered her before) and please leave her some love.

     Another link I've found recently was to a site called Crafty Storage, where crafters show their craft rooms or storage ideas. If you like to peek into their rooms, get some ideas or share yours check it out here.
     Have a lovely day and I hope to be back with a card soon ;- )

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Ladybug, little girl card.

     Today's card is from Cricut's Birthday Bash cart. I made this card for the daughter of a friend and ex-colleague of my husband. I cut the ladybug, base and the number 5, (which comes from the next page of the handbook) on 3 1/4 inches. The pink and green cardstock is Bazzill and the pattern paper is Paper Studio from Hobby Lobby. The ladybug is embossed with swiss dots. I used frosted lace stickles on the black spots and diamond glaze on the antenna tips.

     For the inside, I used the sentiment from the same page as the ladybug. I doodled on it with a green glitter gel pen, to give it some interest and added a gem, from Hero Arts, to one of the i's.

     What would I do differently? I might have made the ladybug smaller. I thought about faux stitching the pink layer, but wasn't sure if I could do it neat enough. Should try that before I glue it down. Maybe texture emboss the inside pink layer, but I don't know.

     I don't know why I think I'm further along than I am after I pick the image I'm going to use and maybe the sentiment. Sometimes, I even have a basic layout in mind, but I seem to forget how long it takes to pick the papers for the pieces, if I'm cutting the image out, decide on embellishments, decide the total color scheme, choose how the sentiment will be displayed and all the other "little"decisions like that (embossing, pens, glitter, ribbon.........).  Fortunately, this card isn't needed until the end of the month, but I have others I put aside because I thought I knew what I was doing with this one, it would be quick, ha. It always takes longer than I thought. I need to hunt for supplies for 2 of the others, for the basic idea rattling around in my head, that will of course take 10X longer than I anticipate ;- )

     Thanks for checking out my card and my random thoughts. Please, leave me a comment if you've got a moment. I really appreciate them. Have a blessed day!

Friday, July 8, 2011

Flower pics.

    I used today to get a handle on some of my digi files. The computer can be a wonderful tool, but it can also be a black hole, where so many digital stamps, svgs, digital papers, digital embellishments and such are lost to me. There are so many wonderful people on the internet who share the fruits of there creativity and give away image and svg files or design sketches (not to mention the ones I've purchased.) I save them on my computer, but lose track of what I have and don't think of using them when they would be perfect for a project. I had wished I had a doily svg for the birthday card I made a few days ago and couldn't find one, but when I organized some files today, there they were. I thought that I had them, but they hadn't been filed away yet. Then there are the fonts and Photoshop brushes... sheeesh!   After my son was born, I became a more visual person, so I need to look over what I have, every once in while, to refresh my memory ;- ) I try to make a print out of the new ones every few months and keep them in a 3-ring binder to make that easier too. The prepping, for the printing of the images, for the 3-ring binder, takes a lot of work too, but once it's done it is very handy and the copy of the page is on the computer as well.  I didn't get that far, but some computer housekeeping was accomplished. So, anyway, instead of a card, I thought I'd share a few photos from my vacation that you might like. Click on the photo to see it large, if you wish.

These two are from Universal Florida's park Islands of Adventure.

These are from the Disney World Parks.

One of the things that intrigued me, was the idea that someone has to totally create every detail and have it fabricated for the theme of each area of the different parks. What creative license, as well as starting from a fairly blank slate. Just the light fixtures alone are amazing. Who thinks of these things? These are all from the same area of Disney's Animal Kingdom. Notice the garbage cans on the sides of the sign for the Flame Tree Barbecue. 

     We have so many photos from our trip, I haven't finished editing them and we've been back home for a month now. Maybe I'll get to show you some more, the next time I come up blank with a card ;- ) I hope they gave you some new ideas or new ways to look at things. Or just entertained you for the moment. Have a creative day and please leave a comment. I really appreciate hearing from you.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Male graduation card.

     Today's card is another graduation card, only this one is for a male. We have a graduation party to attend this weekend. One of the cards in the earlier posts is for his sister and the party this weekend is for both of them. She is graduating High School and he is graduating 8th grade. To see her card (if you missed it and are interested), click here. I know in some areas, 8th grade graduations aren't celebrated. Here, depending on where you go to school, you child may attend the same school from Kindergarten (or pre-school) right through 8th grade, with the same kids, making it a bigger event, then if they changed schools at the middle (or junior high school level).

     The papers are from Paper Studio's Graduation Paper Pack and the stickers are from Stampendous Class a'peal. I cut the name with Cricut's Plantin Schoolbook cart in the standard setting 2 times and popped it up. I embossed the sentiment with silver glitter embossing powder.

     On the inside, I just matted the sentiment, I wrote digitally with Print Shop using the LD Dabble font from Lettering Delights and I stamped the stars (Northwoods) and embossed them using silver glitter embossing powder.

     I think it turned out nice, though the star on the right should be over to the right a bit more, but I have a tendency to just eyeball things.

I still have a wedding card to do and a few birthdays coming up. I can't believe the CHA Supershow is the week after next, though it's not the same this year. I was looking forward to taking a few workshops, but there aren't any. I guess it will just be make-and-takes and shopping. What I've really wanted to see were the booths in the real  CHA. Maybe some day.

Thanks for stopping by. Please leave a comment. I love to know what you think and that you stopped by. Hearing from you is a real pick me up ;- ) Have a joyous week!

Monday, July 4, 2011

Firecrackers for the day!

     Well, I didn't get to make a card this weekend, because as a family we worked on another crafty project. Yes, it even used the Cricut for one element. A couple of years ago, we went to Colonial Williamsburg on vacation and were there over the 4th of July. I highly recommend this vacation for everyone with or without children. You learn so much about our country's beginnings and it also shows how the issues then are topical today. The archeology at Jamestown is also fascinating. Anyway, I digress. While there, we saw these cool decorations in front of someone's house  and I said we should make them right away so we would have them the next year. Of, course we didn't, so now I decided, since we didn't have any typical 4th honoring plans, we should make them over the holiday weekend. They are giant firecrackers made out of PVC pipes. Now, the people at our local Home Depot are going to disavow all knowledge of us, if Homeland Security comes around, even though we tried to explain that they were for decorations only ;- ) At the time we described them as rockets and were going to use funnels as nose cones, but changed them to firecrackers. Our neighbors have now left town. I'm not sure if they were happy to get away in time or disappointed, they were going to miss some kind of  show. Again we said, "Decoration Only!" We must have some undeserved reputation? Huh, go figure? So here are some pictures of the project in process. The Cricut was used to make the masks for the stars, with the Martha Stewart Seasonal Cake Cart (4 inches), but there are similar stars on a number of carts.

     Shadow the puppy helped too, by constantly removing the newspaper and tape he found, so it wouldn't be in the way. I don't think chewing it up was necessary though.  No, he isn't even blue or red tipped ;- ) Here is the finished project.

     I think they turned out great and no one around us has them. We kind of figured things out as we went. If you have any questions let me know. Thanks for stopping by and have a wonderful 4th. Please leave me a note, because I love hearing from you. 

Friday, July 1, 2011

Birthday Honey Pop card.

     Well, there was some struggle involved with this card and I'm not sure I'm really totally happy with it, but I'm out of time. Maybe part of it was due to the headaches, or the heat or my having been gone from the "drawing board" for so long, but this did not come together easy.  I planned on using a Penny Black stamp of a bunny in a flower pot of pansies. Many of you know the one I mean. Well, I have no art training, so coloring that would take me a lot of time, which I was now running low on, so I decided instead to use the Inky Antics set Cupcake Birdie which goes with there Honey Pop honeycomb papers (you will see them inside of the card if you don't know them.) I still needed to decide the layout for the front of the card and papers were a stumper until I decided to use this element from the Cricut Imagine cart Better Together.

     This bow is one of the Icons. Now soon you will be saying (as soon as you see the card), but Debbie, I don't see this element on the card. Aha, just one of the many twists and turns of this card. So, since I was going to use this element, I decided to use the papers from the Better Together cart. Suddenly, my Imagine turned against me and declared my ink carts were missing, not low, missing. After arguing with it, reseating the carts, disconnecting the power (that will teach it to argue with me) and reloading the software (including an update), it seems the stubborn machine still couldn't find what was obviously there! No time to deal with customer service,  I changed the ink carts and will look into it more later. Have you had this problem? Please leave me a comment.

     With sanity restored, (it's mine is gone) I came up with this. I'd give you cut sizes, but my way  wasn't the efficient way to make this, if you hadn't guessed that already. More changes were made. The bow was replaced with the flower which is from Creative Charms, (love this). I added clear glitter gel pen accents to the flower centers on the background paper. The front I do like.

     Now the inside... The example from the company, just shows it on the main card stock, so I wasn't sure how well it would work if I glued paper through the center (would it close right? be too stiff? etc.) and didn't have time for experiments, so just went with that. I find that a bit plain though. I cut the bird and the main cherry from watercolor paper, after coloring with watercolor pencils. The stamped cherries are colored with red sharpies (liked the bright red) and green glitter gel pens. The sentiment, which comes with the set, is embossed with clear embossing powder.

     So there you go, a crazy odyssey of creative (I guess that's what it is) misadventures. Is that redundant? Well, it's late. So, I think the inside needs work, but I'm happy with the front. Always room for improvement ;- )

     Oh! meant to mention that Enfys has Blog Candy on her blog here!!! Check it out ;- )

     Thanks for making it this far, if you have. Please leave me a note. I love to hear from you. Have a Blessed  and safe 4th here in the States and a wonderful weekend elsewhere. Wave your flag with pride!