Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Glad to be back...

     Well, I'm finally back and I'd hoped to have a card to post, but didn't get that done :- ( I tried to finish up some planting, but one of my window boxes (which really needed to be replaced, because it's been rusting for awhile) had ants in it. When I finished the rest of my potting, I said, That does it, I'm finally going on an all out assault to find a replacement for that window box. Past, casual looking hadn't turned up the right size, to fit my holder that matches it's mate. After 5 stores, I finally found it, (sound of angelic choir).  So now, at least most of the potting is done, leaving only the garden and the new rose garden that hasn't been totally created yet (the rototiller has broken down.) We've also spent a couple of weeks in the illusionary land of Disney, enjoying Star Wars Weekends. Lot's of fun, but returned needing a vacation ;- ) After that we picked up the newest member of our family!

Meet Shadow the Norwegian Elkhound.
They are moose hunters.

     I also was introduced to a new blog today by Carolina girl(Cely) at Creatingincarolina. It's Paper Creations by Kristin and you should check it out. She has some very creative creations (is that redundant?). I think one of the best ways to stay creative is to look outside your own creative box and Kristin sure was outside of mine, ha. She will make me think about things differently. Be sure to check out her "Funny face owl" card and her "Top Chef" card. You may have to go into older posts to see them, but they are worth the look. 

     I've missed you all. Now that I've finally posted, maybe I can get back to making some cards. We have a huge (65 invites to 7 states, went out) party in 2 weeks to get ready for and I can use the break from party prep .... I mean I have to get these cards done family, go on without me and get the house ready. Have a fabulous week!

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SannaS said...

Shadow is just too adorable!!! big hugs for him!!! =)