Sunday, November 6, 2011

So many fonts, so little time ;- )

     Well, things are getting closer to normal here. My DH's surgery went great and he's home. We'll know the next step after he sees the doctor on Thur. In the meantime he sent me an e-mail with this link, which is to a MacWorld article that has another link to some free fonts (which if you look each time you find more links to more fonts and more fonts and ....) His original intent was that the article was on the font Waltograph which is about as close as you can get to the Disney font that grew out of Walt Disney's own handwriting. The article, as I said, links you to this font and has info in the side bar that has another font or two. Following the chain, you can get a number of cool fonts, especially for font addicts like me, who use them inside my cards all of the time, or when I don't have the stamp that says quite what I want to say. These were all freebies and work on both Mac and PC. Some of the ones to look for are Doris Day, Requiemme Decorum (good gothic or for halloween - I know it's over, but it will come again),  ariapenciroman (open font with scribbles or maybe stitches loosely filling the letters in),  Chopin, Black Jack,  Sinister Visions ( set of halloween fonts), PR Viking, High Voltage (cool for teens) and Tattoo Lettering just to name a few. See what I mean. I found that I missed the Viking font while I was writing this. I'm addicted :-P I Had to change the font on the "P" on the face back there because I didn't like how the face looked. I wish blogger let me use more fonts,  ahahahaha ha! Sorry about that. I just downloaded 1 more, but I'll stop now (don't want to forget En Origami (capitals only) or Ironmaniac (maybe capitals only too, haven't tried it yet!) Here I just made this sample.

Click on it to make it larger, it's actually a jpeg.

     I also have 2 cards to show, but they are Make and Takes from Archiver's. Good thing they've been doing Make and Take's lately or I wouldn't have anything to show, hee hee. I do have a very good reason this time. Spent most of my time traveling to/ from the hospital, at the hospital or sleeping. I had one head clearing 1/2 hour at Archiver's after my DH was home and this is what I brought home.

     Do check out the link to the article and grab some freebies. If you need help installing the fonts, just let me know and I'll walk you through it. Thanks for peeking in today. Please leave a comment to help me keep my sanity, oops too late. Please leave one anyway, they really are appreciated ;- ) have a blessed week!

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SannaS said...

beautiful cards!! so lovely!! =)
hugs, SannaS