Thursday, September 22, 2011

It's a jungle out there ;- )

     Well, I only got today's card half finished. I'll give you a tease and tell you it's a birthday card and I used the Sweet Treats cart, but it doesn't have food on it. I used Design Studio to make a shaped card and changed both the height and width, so that meant extra work with the layers. I should finish it up and be able to post it tomorrow, God willing ;- )  I've also spent a lot of time cleaning up my browser bookmarks. Who knew that could take up most of a day. At least, I can now find the blogs that are most important, when I have the time, ha ha, as well as those projects I've marked. All those blogs that have been abandoned are now gone off of my bookmarks as well. While I was computer house cleaning, I cleaned up some of my files, too, not that you'd know it by looking at my desktop. there as so many of you wonderful,  creative, generous people out there giving away such great freebies, I just can't keep them organized between my 2 computers. Thank you all!
     I decided since I didn't have a card, I'd visually entertain you with some animal photos that were on my computer. My husband and I love to take photos and I don't get all of them backed up and off my computer that well either. So here are some of my favorites, though there is a better one of the tigers from a few years before, that I have removed. Maybe I'll find it and post it sometime. We caught 2 of them playing ;- )

And Finally, 

the end.

Sorry, I couldn't resist ;- )

     Maybe sometime, when I don't finish my work >.< I'll share "The birds that visit my yard" series. That's a nice set-up, but I'm afraid that would be my last "series," ha ha. I don't think I could find another group of photos, so much for "series." Thanks for stopping by and indulging me. Hope maybe you were entertained or your creativity was sparked in some way. Please leave a comment. I really appreciate hearing from you. Have a blessed day! 

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Carolina Girl (Cely) said...

OMGosh....such a joy to see these pics of animals you and your husband have taken.