Monday, January 10, 2011

Not a Good Start

     Well this doesn't look good. I start my blog and then it takes forever before I make a second post. First we took my DS back to college. That day I expected not to post and on the car ride I was a good do-bee and worked on some ideas on my Gypsy, so not really a bad start. Then after that I started into a series of cluster headaches, which are a magnitude worse then migraines. I know because I suffer from both. None of my usual remedies would knock down the cluster and the one series went on for nearly 24 hours without let up. That left me very weak and unable to do anything. Now on the other side, I'm feeling back to normal. Today I got back in the craft room for awhile and made a trip to Michael's.
     I'll try to post the photo of the card I made tomorrow. I haven't taken the picture yet.  I'm making up a set of cards for the Church Youth Director (I'm on the Youth Board for Publicity/Communications) for a belated gift. They are for her to send as thank-yous and such to volunteers and teens as she needs them. I'm trying to be simple and quick, but things are usually not simple and quick with me ;- ) I seem to find a way to make them time consuming and hard.
     During my down-time, I caught up on some inspiration. Custom Crops have added some more carts to their sale and the prices are super low. Also, Narelle Darley, Girl From Oz created a .pdf of all the Cricut fonts with examples, including those hidden ones on shape carts, on her blog and you can download it free. Check it out and give her some love for all that time she put in.  Check out her blog Cricut Lovers Guide to Design Studio. I'll try to get my Fav Blogs listed on the side soon, too. I have soooo many, I can never get through them any more. One leads to another and another and another...  There are so many creative people out there.  So much to do, so little time and I do like to get my sleep.

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Sharyn Sowell said...

Wow! Thank you for the sweet comment and for letting me know my RSS feed isn't right... hmm, I'll have to figure that out. Thanks for including me in your blog list. Love the peachy colors you've got going. I'll be checking in & watching you!