Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Rainy and cold, Yuk!

     Hi everyone. I hear from some of your blogs that spring is coming, but it just teased us here. Today, was rainy, icy and cold. To add to that tonight it is going to snow :- (  The grey skies were an energy killer for me. I did get over to my local Archiver and pick up some Flowersoft, with a coupon and did one of three "Make it and Take it's" they had going today. I was interested in making the flower with the McGill punch. I keep watching the tutorials on the 3D flowers, and I have added some of the touches to my regular die cut flower, but I haven't made any that were suppose to be 3D or used the "specialized" tools. I usually find something on my desk that has a rounded end and use that to shape the pocket or cup the flowers. It was very interesting, easy of course, but the woman doing the demo, wasn't very personable, which is not usual for my Archiver. I had a much more interesting and friendly conversation with the woman checking me out and the woman standing next to her for 2 min, then with the woman who gave me a personal lesson for about 10 min. Anyway, here is how it turned out.

     Now if I had designed the tag, I would have changed the color in the center and probably had darker leaves. I also would have creased the leaves to add more interest. The sentiment is embossed and there are stickels on  the stamens. I will probably get the tools the next time I get a coupon or maybe put it on my Easter list.
     The other thing I did today wasn't crafty, but it was for my cards. I am trying to get my computer files organized. I have some wonderful digital files of paper, stamps and SVGs. The problem is they aren't organized very well (I download my SVG's on my main computer which is a MAC, but then they have to be moved to my crafting and Sure Cuts A Lot computer which is a PC). The files don't get to the PC very often and I don't track well, what's been moved. Also, I need a printed file of what I have so I can just flip through a book, because that works better for me, so I need to create proof sheets of all of it. This will take many days, but I try to work on it sometimes. Don't ask about photos >. > Thanks for spending your time here with me. Oh, if anyone knows of a Norwegian Elkhound breeder in the midwest, please let me know. Thanks!

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Get you an external hard drive that is compatible with both machines. Then when you download your files, you can just put them on the external drive. Because it is USB driven, you can easily move it from one computer to another.