Thursday, February 3, 2011

Table Decorations underway...

     Well, finally getting to those table decorations. I figured I should post the prototype, to keep myself honest. Part of my thinking behind starting this blog, was to motivate me to be consistent. This blog holds me accountable. No you don't have to do anything, but the commitment is my motivation. so even though I had a migraine earlier today, I had to produce something. First here is the photo of the only vases we could find at the Church.

     Well, this doesn't fit with what DH and I envisioned. It's way too tall. When we placed the wires in it, our design didn't look good at all. We got done one of my bud vases, (I know there are some of these somewhere at Church, but my DH just couldn't find them) and we made the following prototype.

     The theme of the dinner  is "Love and Happiness." The plan is pink and red hears, embossed with many different folders. Many different Emoticons from Smiley Cards on the Gypsy and also a number of the phrases of the Emoticons, also from Smiley Cards on the Gypsy.  The Emoticons will be done simply, with only eye and mouth cuts, since currently I have to fill 21 vases and there are 13 wires in each vase. While theoretically, they don't have to be done until the 12th, I lose the help of DH on Mon, so I would like to have them done by the weekend. If we have them in a good place by Sunday, we run the Open Youth Lounge for High Schoolers on Sunday afternoon and I maybe able to get them to help finish them, because the proceeds from the event go to the High School Youth, for mission trips and other expenses. Now I just have to go to a few Dollar stores and see if I can get 20 more vases and then donate them to the Youth. 

     I thought I might show you some photos of our huge snowstorm in the Chicago area. With a the drifting, it's hard to tell how much we really got. there are drifts to 4 feet and spots where the snow is only 2 inches. DH, who is better at this than I, estimates our snow to have been about 18 inches.

The drift in front of my back door.

         Thanks for stopping by and spending your very limited time with me. 

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