Thursday, October 20, 2011

Holding on.

     I have 2 small things to show today, but I got so much less done than I'd hoped. In my studio today, I worked on making a holder for the note cards I made for my friend, Susan. Yes, I know I made those a long time ago, but we haven't connected since and tomorrow we are finally going to lunch together, so, just in time, I'm finally making the note card holder and envelopes. I used Cricut's Tags, Bags, Boxes and More to cut the shopping bag holder. I used the Gypsy set to weld, so that it wouldn't cut tick marks that show you where to score the bag. I figured I could handle that and not have the rough edges those cut marks leave. When I originally made the notecards, I made an extra set of the image and mats as well as an extra border to use on the holder, so that was all done. Below is also a photo of the set of note cards. Here is a direct link to the post if you missed it. The image is by Glitterbabe and was for CDAC's Progressive Challenge.

     See, nice and quick, but at this point the migraine beast won out and I surrendered. Earlier in the day however, I had gone to Archiver and did their Make and Take, which this week was featuring Tim Holtz products.  Yes, I'm still missing my camera. Sorry about the photo quality. It used stamps, embossing (lined up over the stamp), diecuts, distress inks, and distress stickles (which were still wet when I stuck my finger in the ooey, gooey eye socket of the skull - just trying to add some halloween ambience ;- )

     You'd of thought I'd have gotten a lot more accomplished this week, considering my husband's been out-of -town and I haven't been out lunching (until tomorrow - that is.) Thanks for stopping by today. Please leave a comment and I'll feel this is a more productive day, ha ha.  Have a inspired day!


Carolina Girl (Cely) said...

These are wonderful...I wish I could get so many beautiful cards do like you What a WONDERFUL card holder...I MUST try....too cool! PS I would't do HS over...I HATED it, but loved college...that I would do over. I think that is why I could teach HS...I work with kids that hate it too and I understand and show them how to stick with it. PSS Yup...I would much rather deal with the boys than girls in HS...haha

SannaS said...

what a fabulous and gorgeous gift!! awesome tag!! =)
hugs, SannaS