Friday, March 11, 2011

Flowers... Sort Of.

      Well, we're finally heading into the weekend. Today I don't have a card, though I did have to make one more of those easy Thank-you cards, that are 2 posts earlier, for the Elders to sign, to be sent to the confirmation teachers at our Church. Evidently, my adding skills aren't what they use to be :P So, after that I finished up the daffodil I started yesterday. I had used the SVG that Penny Duncan had created. Hers turned out beautifully.  To view Penny's tutorial and/or get her SVG click here. Here is a photo of her finished flowers.

     Now I have created the Beginner cards cultivar variety of the daffodil. I did not have the correct color of re-inker to get yellow, so mine are orange. Also, I just did the flower part, because I didn't have the right wire or florist tape, but here you have my first try (my Expression needs a new blade, but I knew this was just a first attempt).

     So, not too bad. I had inked the edges, but the color blended in. I meant to try a brown before taking the photo, but I didn't. There is gold perfect pearls on the flower, but it doesn't show up well. I have some time to practice before Easter. 
    The other thing I tried today was Cosmo Cricket's Glubers. Now if you don't know what a Gluber is, it's a giant (in this case 2 inches), glue dot. It enables you to more easily make large fabric, ribbon and even paper flowers.  I had some fabric I won in a quilt hop, so I thought I'd try that. It is cream with a small white pattern, which is hard to see after I rolled it, for the flower. I set embellishments on it for the photo, to show a possibility, but I won't decorate it until I know what project I'm going to use it on. I might also be able to dye it with ink. I have a test piece of fabric drying overnight.

     I had made a trip to a different Michaels today, to look for a new quilling board. I found that Michaels is clearancing out what little quilling supplies they have. No boards, but I did pick up some quilling paper. I can't find my board (looking for it has been a major time eater for a few days now) and haven't quilled in years, but I have taken out some books from the library and would like to use it to make some card embellishments. As soon as I get a 40% coupon for Hobby Lobby and some time, you may be seein some of those creations here. The Michaels I was at had a lot of clearance items. They had a bunch of regular ribbon for $1, and I got my favorite guy paper pad from Basic Grey, Granola for $4.99 (12x12). Picked up some $1 stamps and some clearance embellishments and then had to hurry, because I promised DS I'd only be 5-10 minutes and he was waiting in the car. Got a partial save because DH came in to use the bathroom and then he went to the Office Max, so I knew I had a few more minutes, though I still heard that it took me more than 5 min ;- )

     I had planned on doing more this evening, but then the news came on and well, I wasn't much into crafting after watching the video from Japan. My mind was a bit distracted. So please offer up a prayer for the people there and be sure to hug your loved ones..... again. Thanks for sharing your time with me. Your comments keep me going. Have a blessed weekend.


Stephanie said...

Very cute flowers. Great job. My heart breaks for those poor people in Japan, too.
This is Cricutmimi. To answer your question, Sweetie and the cupcake letters are from Cupcake Lite cart, Happy Birthday is from Paper Lace. Hope this helps. Thanks for all your wonderful comments. Stephanie

Anonymous said...

Your daffodil turned out AWESOME!!!! Aren't they FUN to make!!!! ;)