Tuesday, March 15, 2011

More flowers...

     Today, I was able to get a new quilling board at Hobby Lobby and I found this product.

     DH had a 40% off coupon, as well, and this item cost $9 regularly. You get 120 die cuts to make into spiral roses and 80 die cut leaves. I thought for the time and paper savings, this was a good deal for me. I hadn't made the spiral roses yet, though they were on my list of to do flowers. Today was the day. The die cut sheet looks like this and the are 10 of them.

You get 3 sizes of flowers. Here is my result.

I used my quilling tool to form them and my Tweezer Bee to shape the petals.

     Next I got out my Flowersoft and made another flower I'd been meaning to try. I had purchased the supplies for this, sometime around Christmas. I decided to use the Delphinium Flowersoft on wires. Flowersoft TV has a special on Cardtoppers for Neon Flowersoft, which look pretty fun. You can find them here.  After you watch the show, you can click on offers, to see this week's deal. There is a new one every Friday.

I didn't have any styrofoam to stand them in to dry, so I improvised.

Here they are just lying on the craft sheet. I'm sure you'll see them in a card soon.

     I thought, OK, what now. I should make another flower, so I got some cuts I made with my Expression, when I first got it. When practicing on how to use the Expression, I used Accent Essentials and made flowers in different sizes and colors and stored them away for emergency, last minute card making. They have come in handy before. I have a number of sizes. These are 1 1/2  inches, 3/4 inches and 1/2 inches. I inked the edges and  I used a stylus to give them a 3D effect. I have in the past used the handle of a paint brush or the end of a pen cap to do this.  I curled the edges and added an embellishment.

     So there you go, 3 different homemade types of embellishments for you cards. You can, of course cut your own spirals for the roses, but some time savers, are what I need to actually get over some humps. Penny Duncan does have an SVG for the cut on her blog, as well, and that's the next weapon I'd use to get them made. Thanks, Penny!!!!!!!! ;- ) Maybe, quilling next, though I haven't made the paper rose from CHA (the Craft Hobby Association, winter show) yet. Thanks, for your time. Your comments are so very appreciated. Have a wonder-filled week.

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It's Jenn! said...

They are all beautiful and I have GOT to find that kit! I really love the flowersoft ones. I have never played with that stuff, but I'm tempted to pick some up while I'm looking for that flower kit, lol.