Saturday, April 2, 2011

21st birthday for a guy.

     I know it's been guy, guy, guy. Doesn't it seem to go in streaks like that!? Well as you can see from the title, this one is a special birthday, a 21st! I used SCAL for this one. Unfortunately I had had the drive on that computer die not long ago and I hadn't reloaded my fonts. Well, I didn't feel like it yesterday, so I just made due with a font that comes standard on an IBM. This is radical for me, because I love fonts and IBM really doesn't have many (I'm a MAC person.) I used Trebuchet MS in bold, italic as the font to cut out the 21. I also duplicated it and set the style to pointy shadow, a very handy feature of SCAL. The paper for the main image is AC metallic (love this card stock : multi-cut it though.) The embossing is Cuttlebug's Christmas Stars.

     The inside, as usual was done digitally, and here I got to use more interesting fonts. The font is LD Dabble, from Lettering Delight (remember Dollar Days ;- ) for the main font  and NewWGL4font, for the word birthday. Now that is what the font called itself, but when I went to look it up on the internet, I kept finding a totally different font, so beats me where it came from. I believe I got it from Urban fonts, which has many great free fonts, so if you're in a browsing mood you might check them out. The embellishments are JoAnne's brand.

     I tried to show the glitter on the background paper, the metal embellishments and the effect of the clear gel pen that I added to the confetti on the word birthday. I thought of coloring it, but decided I liked the monochrome look better.

     What would I do differently. I don't think I'd do anything differently. I really like this card. It's pretty easy peasy. I have made one similar to it before, but lost the file in the hard drive problem. I did use a different font for the 21 and I probably would change that, to a font that had a bit more tip or kerning to it, to give more movement to the front. The embossing is new and I like how that worked on this card. The inside fonts are also new and I'm liking them as well. What's your take on this card? Thanks for coming by and sharing some of your precious time here. Please leave a comment so that I know you stopped by, they keep me inspired! Have a blessed and inspirational day.


Carolina Girl (Cely) said...

Very manly and perfect for a 21 year old male birthday....important birthday and it speaks volumes with the stream lines. I'm a Mac lover too.

Stephanie said...

Hi, Debbie. This is a great male card. Especially for a 21 year old. I love that paper, too. To answer yopur questions, the stem is a chenille thread. I bought it on a card with about 5 different ones. Each one was a dofferent diameter. I've been known to cut the cardstock wrong on the inside very often. But this time I used a scrap because I was just too tired to cut another one. (which I probably would have messed up and had to do over) lol thank you so much for all your comments. They make my day.

SannaS said...

supercool card!! so awesome!! =)
hugs, SannaS