Saturday, April 23, 2011

Guy cards can by fun.

     Today's card is for a guy who is 24 and we've known him since he was born.  He is someone who has kept that kid sense of fun. He loves working with kids at his Church. When we use to hike together, he use to always point out all the different types of mushrooms. His mom always said, that would be all the wildlife we would see, hiking with her 3 rambunctious boys ;- ) Pretty much was, except the time we found a rattlesnake. So for his card, I used the mushroom from Smily Cards, that was offered free from Provo Craft to Gypsy owners, and turned it into a shaped card. This was only the second time I've made my own shaped card and the first time with the Gypsy. Despite a few problems, figuring out what is what, with the layering, since Smily Cards doesn't have a handbook, I muddled through. So here it is.

     Pretty cute mushroom. On the inside, I used Print Shop to do the sentiment digitally and it's ability to shape the font block, first in a half circle and then in a square. I designed a smaller mushroom, on the Gypsy, figured out for sure where it would cut and put my printed paper there on the mat. The fonts I used were LD Jumpy from Lettering Delights (you can click on the link on the right bar of my blog, last week for their sale) and Casque Open Face Wacky (which is a free font available at a number of places, I don't remember where I got it though, just google font + it's name).

     I'm not usually it to puns, but it seemed to fit. What would I do differently. Well, some things were stretching for me, some were fixing mistakes. Not going to tell you which ;- ) For a guy, I think it works. How about you? Thanks for stopping by. Have a Blessed and relaxing Easter. Hope you are spending with your family. Please, leave me a comment. they are very much appreciated and I love hearing from you. Hugs, Debbie!

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It's Jenn! said...

Haha, he is so cute!!! I am really digging the paper you chose for the inside. Reminds me of the gills of a mushroom. Perfect choice!