Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Altered Easter Gift

     Today I worked on an altered project. For Christmas, I had made my friend's 3 daughters, altered items, because I'm not allowed to buy them Christmas gifts anymore. I was suppose to stop when each one reached 21. Well, that's just no fun. I don't have much family and they are like family to me, so at first I bought the oldest giant Hershey bars, because they were her favorite and didn't cost much. Then, after 2 of them were 21 and the 3rd seemed to think those Hershey bars looked awfully good, I started making them all gifts and giving them all Hershey bars and the youngest also got bought gifts, for Christmas, birthday and Easter. Now, all 3 are over 21, so I try to think of something to make, if I have time. I may start making a special gift for 1 and rotating, but this past Christmas I had a plan for 3 altered items, but time got in the way and I realized I'd only finish 2 per, so I figured I could give them the 3rd for Easter. For Christmas, each got a post-it note holder with a mini-sharpie and a purse-sized calendar (I found them at Michael's for $1 and they were extremely nice inside) with a pen to match. Each set is different. Here is the one for the middle girl, whose Easter gift I worked on today.

Sorry, the photos are so bad, but I had finished them so close to delivery time, 
I'd forgotten to take pictures and DH took these there,
 after they were opened with his camera phone.

     Today's item is a jr. legal pad. The heart is from the Storybook cartridge, as is the corner flourish. Today's pictures are a bit better, but you can't see that I added perfect pearls to the heart to give it some shimmer. I didn't want to add glitter, because I didn't want it coming off on her. I can't remember what the paper was, because I put the leftovers aside, so I would be sure to have them to make the final project. If you are interested, just leave me a note and I will look harder. I used a white cardstock cover, because the patterned card stock for this set was too thin and I didn't have enough of the fuchsia (it is Core'dinations) to make a cover. I'm not sure I would have wanted that anyway, but that's water under the bridge.

The top paper is more of a lightish sandy-yellow than the very yellow
it appears in the photo above this one.


     What would I do differently? well, I might have heat embossed the heart. I had done that on the other parts of the set. Also, I would have used the lighter color for the heart on the inside. I glued it before trying it on for size and really didn't like it, but it was too late. I had made sets like these for the secretarial staff at our Church, as a secret gift, only using composition notebooks instead of the jr. legal pads. They were also made with 4 different themes (we have 4 secretaries) and 4 different paper color collections. I may post them at the end, when I finish all 3 jr. legal pads. Thanks for stopping by and please leave a comment, they mean so much to me. Have a blessed week.

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Carolina Girl (Cely) said...

I've done a few of these a year back and forgot all about them. I think I would like to do some more now that you have inspired me. They were great gifts and not very expense to make nor took that long. PS I guess I threw you guys another Southern term "bow-legged tired. My SIL is from RI and is always asking me "what ZI just said" since it was an expression she had never heard. She's got a running list of 3 pages now. Things just come out of my mouth. But you'll hear that expression quite a bit down here....haha Perhaps I need to be more careful on my blog...people will start thinking I'm weird.