Saturday, April 30, 2011

I'm back and have a card, Huzzah!

     Sorry, I've been MIA. I've gone up to my craft room each day and couldn't figure out the problem. I didn't know if it was that I'd lost my creativity, or I was chasing too many rabbits (I had a confirmation card, a birthday card, a wedding card and graduation cards that I could make) or what. Each day I'd finally pick out papers, for one of the projects, but just couldn't get started, so I'd straiten something up and call it a day. I eventually decided it must be lack a focus, from too many different directions, but today it dawned on me. There is a type of migraine that doesn't cause pain, but causes fuzzy thinking. I recently learned about it. All these years, I just thought it was me. Each night I end up with a migraine, but no pain during the day. When a friend and I went out to lunch yesterday and then stopped for some grocery items, I just couldn't think what I needed. It was my idea to stop and I just couldn't think. Today, the light bulb went off. That's been the problem all week.
     My plans were to get started after today's errands. So, after I got home today, the weather was gorgeous, relatively speaking and I just couldn't start in, indoors, ha ha. What did I find when I went to clean up a bit in my roses?

     That's the end of a disconnected gutter that the baby bunny is thinking about hiding in. I explained to him that bunnies, despite my garden, have a special place in our yard (my DS's special stuffed toy when he was little was a bunny) and he need to watch out for the neighborhood cats. then I backed away and went in to create this card for a young man's confirmation. I used Clear Dollar Stamps's Die Cuts called Cross Messages Set and the Cross Messages Clear Acrylic Stamps. I used gold embossing powder on the on the cross and sentiment, but it didn't show up well in the photo. Looking at the photo, I'm wondering who took these photos? ;- ) The embossing is actually very shiny and elegant looking in person, just as shiny as the gold brads.

     The sentiment on the inside was written by my husband and the font is Lucida Calligraphy, which is standard on Mac's, I'm not sure about PC's . I colored the sticker with copics, because it had been pink. The REJOICE was an item I've had for awhile.

     What would I do differently? I'd glue the sentiment centered, right to left on the inside ;- ) Remember no one is perfect, but God and I'm always proving that. I should have made the type smaller and made the white sentiment piece smaller. I'm happy with the front though.

     Just an update on the puppies, I need to pick one, of the two and they are soooo cute I can't decide. If I take them both, I'm hoping one of you will take us in ;- ) 'Cause I'm sure DH won't let us stay. Here they are.

     Thanks for stopping by and reading today's ramblings. Please leave a comment, because your visit means so much to me. Have a blessed weekend.

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