Monday, April 4, 2011

Artistic Inspiration!

     Well, I didn't make it to my craft room today. I had to finish up editing those photos because my online photo printing place closes today and I wanted to get a last batch printed. I didn't want you to not be inspired however, if I do give you some inspiration or ideas that is. Soooo, I decided to share some photos of art from Chicago's art Institute and maybe you will be inspired from the Masters. If it doesn't inspire your card making, maybe it will inspire some other craft or art you do. Chicago has a great collection of famous paintings. If you are ever here, you should definitely visit the museum if you are an art lover.

This Renoir is my DH's favorite painting.

     No, I'm not caught up to this Christmas. (I wish.) These are Christmas 2008 and I didn't even get them uploaded :- ( Maybe you've heard of Chicago's Millennium Park. One of the large sculptures there is called Cloud Gate by the artist and The Bean, by most Chicagoans. It's near the Art Institute and another must see.

Because of it's reflectiveness, it never looks the same and it pulls you in.

Everyone of all ages, finds it interactive and irresistible.

This is the view from underneath.

     So I hope you found something inspiring for your craft or entertaining. plus, you got to see a rare online photo of me.  I love photos of kids. Even when they aren't mine. Thanks for stopping by and have a glorious day.

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Carolina Girl (Cely) said...

Really really cool stuff. Yes, the Renoirs brought back memories of school when are was my major. The link is fixed now on my blog.